As a National Award-winning Architect, I am focused on green, energy-conscious design, elegant solutions, and developing iconic designs for my clients. With my partners, created the largest hospitality design firm in the world. I am an experienced developer – having co-developed projects with Cadillac-Fairview/JMB Realty to 180,000 sf. Broad experience in senior management developing highly successful brands and driving them to market success in a wide range of technology-driven industries, serving as CEO, President, COO, and Director of publicly traded and private technology companies using various leading-edge technologies.
As an entrepreneur, I work on problems seen as unsolvable at the global level in energy and waste because I want to leave the world a better place for my children and their children to live in. I am focused on finding elegant eco-responsible solutions that are restorative and regenerative by design, that respond to market demands and thereby create prosperity; I am seeking to solve the COVID problem and Energy crisis for building Owners by delivering leading-edge HVAC technology that addresses both.
While working with a team of extremely talented scientists to create green solutions to solve problems with heavy oil in the energy field, we realized we could look at plastic waste as another form of hydrocarbons. This has allowed us to recover the hydrocarbons in all types of plastic, without sorting or cleaning, and recycle them into a green synthetic lubricant in a greenhouse gas-free, chemical-free process with no added heat and using only low energy inputs. Efforts to apply this technology to solve the supply chain problem with recycled plastics are presently underway.
Most recently, I am applying my 40++ years of experience optimizing value in the design and construction of major developments and my strong track record with new technologies to improve human health and well-being through my ongoing involvement in the developing CBD industry as well as many sectors affected by COVID with revolutionary heating and air conditioning technology, CrystallineAirTM.