As a serial entrepreneur and serial investor for 37 years, Sharon has created, built, accelerated, invested in and exited hundreds of companies across the globe employing and/or working closely with other entrepreneurs, sector experts and financiers to achieve a strong return on investment (“ROI”) track record.

The beginning of Ms. Amezcua’s career was focused on commercial banking as well as on building and growing energy-related companies in lighting, HVAC control systems and alternative energy. Following her extensive global experience in these sectors and in creating energy saving solutions as one of the youngest senior executives in the energy sector at that time, Ms. Amezcua founded the first-of-its-kind “demand-side management solutions advisory company tailored for the utility sector in North America” called “Presentations” to capitalize on deregulation of the electricity industry in the US and Canada. “Presentations” successfully launched many Energy Saving Companies (“ESCO’s”) for the largest utilities in America, and Sharon was invited to become a Co-Founder of New Energy Ventures in Los Angeles, CA which she and her team grew from zero to a billion dollars in revenue run rate in the first 18 months. That company was then sold to AES. New Energy (as it became known), is still the largest ESCO in America and owned by Constellation.

Ms. Amezcua subsequently Co-Founded MCC Global NV (“MCC”), an old-style global merchant bank that was built over a 13-year period and listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2006. MCC offered a proprietary incubation and acceleration “de-risking” process that Ms. Amezcua developed and then implemented in hundreds of emerging and established companies with a track record of success that was unmatched in the industry at that time. MCC employed experts in 14 vertical markets who also had deep horizontal expertise in products and services and a presence in major geographical locations around the world to build, invest in and exit over 500 companies successfully. As Vice Chairman of Moore Clayton Capital Advisors, Inc. and Vice President of Equus II, MCC Global’s fund management company and its NYSE-listed private equity fund, respectively, Ms. Amezcua was instrumental in increasing the overall net asset value and ROI of this highly regulated BDC.

After exiting MCC, Ms. Amezcua Founded ESE Partners, LLC and Co-Founded ESE Fund Ltd., a future financial services company with a closely-held seed/growth fund that has an above-industry track record. Ms. Amezcua also Co-Founded SSG, LLC, a technology transfer company, owned and managed by women, to build companies in the US and the Middle East/North Africa region of the globe.

Ms. Amezcua’s passion (besides dancing!) is working with young people through business and philanthropy to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and assist them in executing their dreams. She is also an active Advisory Board member of many emerging and established companies across the globe and was educated in technology and finance at the University of Florida (BSBA) and Georgia State University (General MBA studies).