Jeremy has over 35 years experience in finance, working in multiple locations across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. He began trading listed derivatives on commodities, bonds and equities. He led client facing teams at ING, SBC and UBS providing solution-based structured OTC derivative products for institutional investors, wealth management clients, corporations and hedge funds.

Jeremy was head of Prime Brokerage marketing and capital introductions at Morgan Stanley Asia, servicing leading global hedge funds and providing start up services for new local managers. He became an equity partner in Prospect KK, a Japanese equity and real estate investment management company, moving to New York to open their new office. He subsequently became an executive and investment committee member of Helvetica Wealth Management Partners, a Geneva based investment company backed by the royal family of Qatar; leading their institutional investor program globally. Jeremy has also provided executive consulting and coaching services to senior officers and executive teams at many large corporations across a range of industries, including Accenture, Blackrock, Facebook, Intuit, Mars and WarnerMedia.

Jeremy has maintained a strong personal and professional interest in social and environmental investing initiatives for almost 30 years. He was a founder investor in Climate Change Capital (CCC), through which he developed early links to The Carbon Disclosure Project and its benefactor Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. In the late 1990’s, Jeremy represented CCC at events such as the UN Summit on Climate Risk, meeting with state treasurers, institutional investors and policy influencers including Ted Turner and Al Gore. In 2008, he was invited to join Rockefeller Foundation’s inaugural working group of 40 on Impact Investing – which spawned GIIN, IRIS and ImpactBase – and sat on the subsequent steering committee focused on attracting more private capital to impact investment. Jeremy has evolved and nurtured a deep network in the impact world both within the US and internationally.

Jeremy now resides in Westchester, NY and is a partner of Swiss Financiers Inc., a boutique dealmaking and consulting group that specializes in creating value for early- and mid- stage entrepreneurs.

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